The Blind Defense of Rape Culture (A Poem)

This poem challenges the hypocrisy of many black men who advocate for racial justice but are silent and in many cases defending of the injustices perpetrated on black women.
You preach justice in the streets and protest for days, calling for ending police brutality and new Jim Crow ways,
You boldly stand up and lead so many to join your movement, structural, organized and passionate you have a detailed blueprint,
Then you turn on the news and your celebrity is in trouble, accused of raping many women his life is now in a bubble,
So many women who’ve been abused but you stand with the accused, you think they want to destroy his character even while they are bruised,
You can’t stomach your hero having devilish greed, so you neglect your stand for justice while many sisters bleed,
You deny your sexism, impacting your shaming of women raped, & yet you always defend rapists, its how you have been shaped,
You must stand for justice for all including your sisters being harmed, let go of male-supremacy, boys being boys and sexist charm.

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