Conscious Sexism: How “Conscious” and “Woke” Men Reinforce Sexism


We live in a patriarchal society where sexism and misogyny impact social structures and institutions from religion and education to entertainment and music. This is found when churches use the bible to silence the voices of dedicated Christian women or when the music and film industry sexualize and objectify women to boost sales.

Many men who refer to themselves as socially conscious have responded to America’s misogynistic culture with more misogyny. Afrocentric scholars, politically conscious rappers, and Christian male figures have used their platforms to speak out against the objectification of women in mainstream American culture, but have either responded with an objectification of their own and/or with shaming women for their oppression.

Many Afrocentric scholars refer to black women as “queens” and create their own expectations of how an “ideal” black woman should behave. They advocate for black women who have a certain skin complexion, who wear their hair…

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