4 Things Black Men Need to Realize about Sexism in Black Communities


Racism does not prevent black men from absorbing the same sexist socialization white men are inundated with. At very young ages, black male children learn that they have a privileged status in the world based on their having been born male; they learn that this status is superior to that of women. As a consequence of their early sexist socialization, they mature accepting the same sexist sentiments their white counterparts accept. When women do not affirm their masculine status by assuming a subordinate role, they express the contempt and hostility that they have been taught to feel toward non-submissive women”-Bell Hooks, Ain’t I a Woman, 1981.

Sexism is real and so is black male patriarchy. I could write a whole blog on sexism and how men, whether intentionally or not, contribute and benefit from being men in almost every aspect of our society. However, I want to talk specifically about…

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