4 False Doctrines that Whitewash Churches Globally


​Christianity is the most diverse world religion. According to Christian pastor and author Tim Keller, Christianity is the only major world religion that is not centralized in one particular region in the world. The religion is practiced by billions and has been a liberating force for good in many communities.

While Christianity at its core is a gospel of liberation and hope, the reality is that the faith has been abused and institutionalized. It has been used to justify so many evils around the world from slavery to colonialism. Professor and author Cornel West refers to Christianity that oppresses others and supports imperialism and enslavement as “Constintianian Christianity” deriving from Constantine, the Roman Emperor who institutionalized Christianity in the Roman Empire and used it as a force to oppress Jews and other non-Christians.

Much of the oppression and evil around the world done by people who claim to be Christians…

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