3 Simple Ways You Can Reject Christian Colorblindness


“I don’t see race, I see people.” How many times have we heard that statement? Racism is the most intractable issue in American society today and has been for decades. Many people believe that if we stopped taking about race, the issue would go away. I would first like to point out how little sense that logic makes. If racism is still a prevalent issue (which it is), how does simply talking about it make things worse and how would ignoring it end it? What if we applied that flawed logic to other issues? What if we stopped talking about hunger, sex trafficking, or child starvation? Would those conditions end? If we applied that logic to those issues, we would be condemned, and rightfully so, because they are serious problems that require serious conversation and intentional action. The same goes for racism. Unfortunately, many people endorse a colorblind concept that…

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